Reduce CapEx and always have working equipment on hand.

Accucode's unique cradle-to-grave Hardware as a Service offering ensures that you always have working devices in your store and reduces lost revenue due to downtime

Interact with your retail customers beyond your four walls

It's harder than ever for brick-and-mortar stores to compete with online retailers. Accucode has developed a unique offering to allow you to compete on another level.

Know your stores, inside and out

For stores with both a physical location and an online presence, keeping inventory straight can be a pain. With our in-depth retail analytics, always know what you're selling and when, so you can plan for the next big rush.

Your customers are browsing your competitor's pricing - Offer them something better.

Shoppers are more frugal than ever, with price-checking tools never further than their own pockets. When shopping in-store, your customers are looking for savings elsewhere. Know when and where they’re searching - and always be able to offer them a better deal

Achieve consistent pricing across all of your locations

Keeping all of your retail locations on the same page can take a large, concerted effort. Make this process much easier with one central repository for all of your labels and tags, letting your stores print out consistent tags as they need them

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Don Everett
Senior Retail Consultant